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Just curious as to whether profanity is allowed here?

Can I call someone a dumbshit or an ignorant slut or will you delete it if I do?

Also, do these rules apply to everyone?

It seems that the ground rules are perhaps not being applied fairly!

-- WannaKnow (, July 29, 1999


do we really need to keep beating this dead horse? who cares? call someone a dipshit if you must. can we focus on what's important? is that too difficult?


-- (, July 29, 1999.

Aren't we all adults here? If you don't want to read or hear any profanity, head for the hills and don't take your Bible with you, it's loaded with X-rated stuff! Incest, prostitution, etc.

-- getagrip (, July 29, 1999.

Crass invectives sass objectives.

-- Randolph (, July 29, 1999.

Profanity is always an option for one whose vocabulary is so limited that he cannot express himself without a trip to the gutter. Those who think and analyze have the ability to express their ideas in a way that does not lend itself to profane terminology. I would encourage all to strongly challenge ideas and opinions in a way that shows respect for those who simple like to lurk and learn. The net is filled with profanity and little knowledge. This site has many, many posters who have much to say and use their talent to inform others. Let's keep the standards high. It speaks volumes about the character of those participating.

-- nowyaknow (, July 29, 1999.

Great, now we have a thread dedicated to the semantical litmus test of profanity. Try looking for the concept presented by the communication. It is much easier to see the forest if you don't concentrate on the trees.

-- (cujo@baddog.byte), July 29, 1999.

Well said!

-- i agree (only@trolls.cuss), July 29, 1999.

Great, and just how are the rest of us supposed to view an image off your hard drive? Profanity or not, lets use some common sense people!

-- Joe Six-Pack (Average@Joe.Blow), July 29, 1999.

Yea Joe, this is a common mistake by many that are new to HTML.

Now, can we cut the dumbsiht here, and get back on topic. ya know, Y2K. Please? <:)=

-- Sysman (, July 30, 1999.

Actually, I think that most people can get away with one or two, even more if you spell it like "sh!t" or say "shat" instead of....well, you know.

-- Uncle Deedah (, July 30, 1999.

Ceeper is a chipatama!

How to swear in 79 different languages

-- number six (, July 30, 1999.

"Do you presume to criticize the Great Oz? You ungrateful creatures! Think yourselves lucky that I'm giving you an audience tomorrow, instead of twenty years from now! Oh! The Great Oz has spoken! Oh! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The Great, Powerful --has spoken--" MGM Wizard of OZ 1939

-- Barb (, July 30, 1999.

My 2 cents worth:

I have a vocabulary that's plenty large enough. Just wish I could remember how to spell 'em all -- if I did I might use more of 'em more often!

How about pondering this. Some of us, like me, grew up on "the wrong side of the tracks" -- you know, lower middle class working (often broken SEVERAL times) class "families/huddled masses". Words like AIN'T, the seven words George Carlin sez you can never say on television, and several other choice substitutes for "Ouch!" were the verbal currency we "first generation to graduate from colledge since our people got off the boat types" grew accustomed to using. Wern't many English teachers 'round after school. Come to think of it, not many "grads", "nice folk" or folk that like to talk about ideas, concepts and such...such folks were scare in the lower middle working class subdivision I spent lots of time in growing up.

My point is this -- you get used to the vocabulary you're used to hearing and using. It often does communicate a lot with a lot of "sylablistic efficiency".

However, one CAN often obtain greater verbal precision, resulting in more accurate denotation and connotation of one's communication to one's intended audience by making vocabularistic choices better suited to one's intended communication objectives.

Me -- Sometimes I don't really give a fuck enough to "revise my verbal prose". Would rather just type away off the top of my head because finishing with one setiment and getting on to the next is not worth any more of my time or mental energies nor focus. That is to say, sometimes "old faithfull" comes in handy when I don't care enough to consult a Thesaurus, but do care enough to respond. In high school, we had an exchange student from South Africa. She stated "I speak English. You (all) speak American". I thought right on. How true.

Along the lines of what Pascal once said about "sorry for the length of this letter, I didn't have time to make it shorter", StLouisLouis sez "sorry for the profane crass -- didn't have time to polish the sacred brass". How's this post for right off the top of my head? Wouldn't take the time to post it if I had to spend as long editing as I spend just signing off after the first draft. I figure 'Nuff said; Good 'nuff; Good night.

-- Louis (, July 30, 1999.

One more thing.

Offended by my choice of words? Sorry. Don't mean to offend you. But TOUGH SHIT 'cause AT THE TIME, I don't GIVE A SHIT.

Just the facts. Reality. Whatever. You get the idea. On to the next post! Got to keep up on my reading -- not my editing standards.

-- Louis (, July 30, 1999.

This is not a forum for freaks or for people who look for excuses to be profane.

-- Feller (, July 30, 1999.

It's not an excuse; just an expanation. There is a difference. Think about it. Or look up excuse and explanation in the dictionary and write a "compare and contrast" essay. Only said half in spite. Suspect the essay exercise would be a good one. But it's on to the next thread to see what someone else has to say. Best wishes -- and no offense meant (at least not for long).

-- Louis (, July 30, 1999.

The answer to the ORIGINAL QUESTION (remember that?) is and pretty much has been if the term was used in context, and expressing emotion, it would USUALLY fly, though there is ALWAYS the possibility that there is too much of a (good) or (bad) thing....

Odffensive language used to simply offend, or shock USUALLY gets the heave-ho.

Besides which, ther being only a pair of foplks with the keys, you can't ewxpect them to read ALL of the posted threads and answers,

-- Chuck, a night driver (, July 30, 1999.

nor can you expect them to finish a thought when the GD< MF< AF< Keyboard locks up in mid post.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, July 30, 1999.

I thoroughly enjoyed the realistic view of Louis in StLouis. Haaaaa. It's always so refreshing to run across someone who doesn't fear, shudder, or look down their nose when confronted by the 'common folk' this country is peppered with. A few months from now, this country will be peppered with things far more distasteful and offensive than 'street talk'. The day trader who went 'postal' over his stock market goofs is a sterling example! Perhaps some emotional preparation would be in order. If not, ear plugs, nose plugs and blinders. Sand anyone? :)

-- Will continue (, July 30, 1999.

St. Louis, I loved your post. I'm so sick of mollycoddled, nit pickers accusing anyone that says *shit* of having a limited vocabulary. I'll put my vocabulary up against "nowyaknow's" anytime.

Will continue, maybe you better take a seat, because I'm gonna' scare you by agreeing with you completely. I'm sick of the language police being so offended by words. I guess we should all become clones so as to not offend the shrinking violet crowd.

I guess I'll do what I always do when confronted by the language police. I'll just resort to the language of Shakespeare. This is language at it's finest and the literati of the world agrees. So cogitate on that awhie, you "crusty botch of nature."

-- gilda (, July 30, 1999.

Count me in too, Will.

If a few strategic cusswuds makes ya wet yourself, maybe best to go hide in a closet.

Good post Louis, thanks for speaking so well for us "wrong side of the trackers".

Unc, who didn't even get a copper spoon.

-- Uncle Deedah (, July 30, 1999.

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