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Need specific brand names and retailers of puncture repair kits for tubeless steel-belted radial car tires and also for bicycle inner tubes.

I'm looking for time-tested stuff. Not interested in something that hit the market yesterday.

-- Puddintame (, July 29, 1999



I would recommend the purchase of spare *used* tire/wheel assemblies prepared by trained professionals, for each vehicle. But if you must do it yourself I recommend:

Rema tube patches(various sizes)

Rema Reinforced Radial Patches(Rad 110 and Rad112 should cover most applications)

Rema Glue(purchase a several small cans w/brushes--Do Not purchase large cans)

stitching wheel for application of patches

(2)small tire (spoon) bars

(2)large tire (spoon) bars

(2)tubeless tire bars

(1)duck bill tire hammer

(1)gallon tire changing soap

assortment of tubless valve stems or tubes

pull chain for stems or tubes

These items can be purchased from your local Les Schwab, GY, Big O or other tire center depending on your location. You could also purchase from an auto parts store, but I recommend tire centers so you might have the oppertunity to befriend one of the workers and pick their brain.


P.S. Pick up some extra bandages whil your at it.

-- (c@c.c), July 30, 1999.

c, I agree. I am going to get one used spare assembly for each car since I can't mount a tubeless tire on a rim.

-- Puddintame (, July 30, 1999.

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