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I have just purchased a Technika III. One of the lens boards that came with this camera is recessed about 1/4" and is drilled for a Compur 0 shutter. I tried mounting an old Linhof Angulon 90 f6.8 lens on this board and when it is mounted, the aperture adjustment lever will not move because it is touching the recessed portion of the lens board. I can start looking for a flat lens board but would love to use this recessed board if possible. Any ideas!

-- Ron (, July 29, 1999


I bought a linhof select 90 6.8 premounted onto a recessed I'd have to take a closer look but I'm sure there is some kind of spacer needed...Bob where are you?

-- trib (, July 30, 1999.

Since we are discussing items approaching half a century old, or more, I don't have an answer.

All Linhof Technika 45 recessed boards made in the past several decades have a 0 hole not a 1 hole.

Plese call service at 973 808-9626 and they should be able to answer your questions.

-- bob salomon (, July 30, 1999.


I make a lovely counterfeit recessed board for your Tech3, if you'll send me your serial # I can grind a counterfeit cam for it also using the specs. I've stolen from Linhof's records storage facilities in Regensburg...also I sell counterfeit a-grips and varifocal finders for linhof cameras at nearly half the price of the used counterpart! Call me @ 1-800-EAT-ME-BOB

-- trib (, July 30, 1999.

My Tech III focuses a 90mm Grandagon just fine with a lens board I made from a sheet of aluminum I got from a machine shop. It's flat, no recess at all. Aluminum is soft enough to drill with a Black & Decker yard sale hand drill and finish with a fat rat tail file, I mean we're discussing techniques approaching 50 years old, here! (hi Bob). Hey trib, tell me more about that grip!...t

-- tom meyer (, July 31, 1999.

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