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This is not an advertisement, it is a strong personal recommendation.

Breedlove is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization that owns a dehydrating and packing plant in Lubbock, Texas. They have the ability to dehydrate 100,000 pounds of raw vegetables a day (makes 450,000 1 cup servings), and can pack 550,000 1 cup servings a day.

They provide food at below cost to other charities, and have a retail operation that sells to the public. Surpluses from the retail distribution help fund the charitable aspects. They believe they are the first non-profit facility of their size anywhere in the world. They are probably right, I look for such things and they are the only one I have found.

They offer a variety of entres (spicy vegetable rice, chicken rice, beef, rice, pork rice, etc (think rice-a-roni), chili mac, by the carton and by the pail.

By the truck load, to charities, for 1 million 1 cup servings (that's 1 cup dry, and how many servings you get on a truck), the cost is 3.1 cents per serving, or 31 thousand for the truckload. It's more expensive at retail to the public, but still below the prices of the food storage industry, and they guarantee shipment in 10 days.

Here's the parent non-profit site. If you are a church or non-profit organization stocking up, be sure to contact them:


Here's their retail website:

Harvest Ladle Foods

Robert Waldrop, the printable flyers guy, preview of coming attraction: new printable flyers on preparing on a budget. "building community during a major disaster, plus another one on food. Coming soon to printable y2k disaster flyers

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