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I have another question. How would I get it to work if I wanted to use a MSDOS windows in Windows. Would I alter the file and the autoexec.bat or both? Please help. Thank you.

-- Auguste Toluta'u (, July 29, 1999


MSDOS under Windows

You can modify the autoexec.bat and config.sys files, which would affect all Windows programs (harmlessly, I believe), or you could modify the batch file that is started when you open a DOS window. I use NT, which is different, so I can't give you the exact keystrokes, but there are settings for the DOS prompt icon where you can specify the name of a batch file to be executed whenever you open a DOS window. Put the commands for autoexec.bat in that batch file, and you should be all set.

-- Steve Heller (, July 29, 1999.


1) Click on START in Windows. Then on move to PROGRAMS Then to MSDOS-PROMPT icon. This will show a MSDOS BOX. If you are not in WINDOWS then the MSDOS Prompt c:> will show after you boot up.

2) Copy the \dgjpp directory to your hard drive by typing at the c-dos-prompt

c:> xcopy d:\djgpp c:\djgpp /s

If d is your cdrom drive otherwise use your cdrom drive letter instead.

3) at the c dos prompt TYPE -> cd\ (press enter) now showing only c:> instead of possible c:\windows ect...

4) Type the following at the c - prompt: c:> TYPE autoexec.bat (press enter) (This will show contents of your autoexec.bat file) If there is not a statement like: SET PATH=c:\windows\command THEN

c:> cd\windows\command (press enter) c:\windows\command> edit c:\autoexec.bat (Exactly as shown here) In the editor type:

prompt $p$g set path=c:\;c:\windows;c:\windows\command;

set djgpptmp=c: set djgpprun=c: set DJGPP=%djgpprun%\DJGPP\DJGPP.ENV set PATH=%djgpprun%\DJGPP\BIN;%PATH% call setdjgpp %djgpprun%\djgpp %djgpprun%/djgpp doskey

(TO SAVE THE FILE: Press ALT-F for the File-Menu. Press S for Save. Press X for exit. NOW Load the config.sys file. Type the following: c:\windows\command> cd\ (press enter) c:> autoexec.bat (press enter) (This loads the path statements as well as the environment vars).

c:> edit config.sys (press enter) In the editor in the file add if the following is absent:

device=c:\windows\himem.sys dos=high files=30

Files must be at least = 30. If you have a dos only machine then replace the line:

device=c:\windows\himem.sys WITH device=c:\dos\himem.sys

5) Now bootup your machine. The system would have load then the statements you have added in the config.sys and the autoexec.bat files.

6) Also if you work in a MSDOS BOX then to have enough Environment memory available when using a DOS-BOX.

Open the dos box, right click on the TOP Left corner. You will see a drop-down menu. Click on PROPERTIES menu option You will a tabbed option screen. click on MEMORY TAB. Click on "Initial Environment" make that 4096. Click APPLY. Close the MSDOS BOX.

Open the Box again to initialize the setting to take effect.

from Francois A du Toit

-- Francois du Toit (, July 13, 2000.

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