What sort of questions can I ask here?

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Obviously AK cannot answer my detailed questions here in the discussions, but I'd like to know what is meant by 'ask a question' here.

-- David Searson (davo@searson.com), July 29, 1999


This discussion area is intended as a place for people to share their experiences, their ideas, and their expectations. Questions to AK that relate directly to their own immigration case CANNOT be answered in this forum - besides which it is a fully public discussion space, and you probably don't want your personal information in the open anyway..

You might want to ask a question here like "What's the accommodation/ rental situation like in Boston?" - to which I'd be able to contribute a reasonably informed answer, since I happen to rent an apartment in Boston ;-)

Since there are a lot of things to think about when visiting or migrating to another country, this is a spot that AK Consultants has made available for their clients to talk amongst themselves and share topics of mutual interest.

-- David Searson (davo@searson.com), July 29, 1999.

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