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Does antbody know anything about sugar beets? Where to get seed, how to process for sugar, stock feed etc. Thank you.

-- Lumber Jack (, July 29, 1999


Sorry, no answer, Lumber Jack, great question. With my one Foxfire book and a sack or 2 of corn and some sugar I think one could produce a VERY good barter product. Someone help!

-- Roger (, July 31, 1999.

Hi, Try searching for"Sugar Beet" using Excite search engine.Various sites to explore.The Brit one gives some processing information.

-- Chris (, July 31, 1999.

Just did a quick search as I too am interested in a liquid barter product. I'm link impaired so you will have to copy and paste.

To make your research easyer, try this search agent,


It's semi programable and searches 12 engines at the same time, throws out duplicates, and corralates, it's free.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), July 31, 1999.

Try mangels for stock feed. They are similiar to regular beets only they grow to about 15 lbs. and stick half way out of the ground. High in nutrition and are said to be as good as most grains for stock such as cows and chickens. Don't know if you can process the sugar out of them... Source:

R.H. Shumway Seeds 803-663-9771

-- J Werner (, August 01, 1999.

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