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I went and bought a couple of tire plug kits today to fix holes in my tires if need be.Years ago my father had an inflation hose which you removed a spark plug and screwed the adapter into the plug hole and used the compression off the cylinder to inflate the tire.

My question is this, Does anyone know where I can get one of these inflation kits? JC Whitney? Some off road RV catalog? Any help I'd really appreciate.


-- nine (, July 29, 1999


Wouldn't a foot pump be more useful & less wasteful on petrol?

-- Chris (, July 29, 1999.


There are whole bunches of 12 volt DC air compressors that plug into your cigarette lighter, work quite well, and don't require all the tools, exertion, trouble, aggravation and potential danger of injury to yourself and damage to your car's components that taking out a spark plug would. And on top of that they don't cost much ($20-30), don't take up much room in the trunk and many of them even have a built-in trouble light so you can see what you're doing if it's dark in your particular boondocks. Check any auto parts house or discount store. You won't even have to run the engine while it's working unless your battery is weak.

Every vehicle should have a couple of cans of leak sealer and one of these compressors on board 'for just such an emergency' as Foghorn L. says.


-- Lee (, July 29, 1999.

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