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To a moderator: This article is a self-serving one designed to get you to buy gold since that's what Blanchard's does. However, there are many obvious thoughts contained therein that deal with the Y2K problem as well as intl. terrorism. I am so inept at this I can't even resend it to you. You should be able to get it on The Chinese Connection. I thought it would be very thought provoking especially viz Y2K and slick Willy. Please feel free to E-mail me or call [Delete--Phone Number--Per Request--Sysop]. My wife and I are retired grand-parents struggling to alert our children and their families of the upcoming possibilities and what to do. We are preparing for a 6. Gene & Jeanette Lewis

-- Neil G.Lewis (, July 29, 1999


And then add this

CHINA RISES TO SUPERPOWER STATUS WITH ANNOUNCEMENT OF BALLISTIC MISSILES ON NUCLEAR SUBMARINES July 27, 1999 The London Telegraph reported today: "China staked a claim to military superpower status yesterday with a declaration that it can fire ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines. The report, in an official journal of the Xinhua state news agency, came as Tang Jiaxuan, the Foreign Minister, gave warning that China would not sit back and do nothing if foreign forces aided Taiwan in a declaration of independence. China has one nuclear submarine capable of firing ballistic missiles and four other nuclear subs. But Western experts said yesterday that Beijing could still not invade or blockade Taiwan. The People's Liberation Army remains for the most part ill-equipped and poorly trained. China is said to be not yet able to reach the continental United States or Western Europe with nuclear missiles..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- and this

CHINA TESTS SURFACE TO AIR MISSILES AND INCREASES AIR FORCE TRAINING July 28, 1999 Reuters reported: "China's air force has logged a record amount of flight training time and recently tested a surface to air missile (SAM) with 100 percent accuracy, the Beijing Evening News said...The report was published amid heightened tensions with rival Taiwan, which enraged Beijing by rejecting the one China policy that kept the peace between the two sides for decades. The newspaper said the Chinese air force broke a 15-year record for flight time logged in the first half of the year, with difficult drills at night, at low altitude and in heavy weather. The air force also tested a new SAM system under near-battlefield conditions and found the weapon hit its target every time, it said..."

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

And then I can't find it but I read somewhere when the U.S. returns the Panama Canal the Company taking over control of both ports is a Hong Kong Co. with ties to the PLA. Despite the fact that U.S. Co.s had made the lowest bid!

Got chopsticks?

-- Johnny (JLJTM@BELLSOUTH.NET), July 29, 1999.

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