Dioxin contamination: Don't stash Belgian chocs, pate or other food!

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[Milk is often used in chocolate; eggs in truffles]

From the Electronic Telegraph:


Belgians exported 'cancer' foods, By Tim King in Brussels

BELGIUM admitted yesterday that measures taken last month to contain the country's worst food contamination crisis were unreliable.

Food that could contain carcinogens might still be able to reach shops, both in Belgium and in Britain. As the European Commission cast doubt on export certificates that guarantee Belgian meat as free of the cancer-causing dioxins, Britain's Meat and Livestock Commission said that Belgian meat had definitely been imported into Britain under the certificate scheme.

When the crisis broke in May, hundreds of Belgian farms were closed and eggs, poultry, milk, pork and beef were withdrawn from shops all over Europe after dioxins were detected in animal feed. Meat production later resumed on farms certified as not linked to the source of contamination, an animal-feed manufacturer in Ghent, where it is thought motor oil was mixed with fat used in the feed.

But then the government said 233 certified farms had links with the feed manufacturer after all. The country's new Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, who came to power in an election dominated by the crisis, accused his predecessor, Jean-Luc Dehaene, of understating the duration of the contamination.

The new government, which had hoped to lay the issue to rest, now says it has detected contamination in another feed manufacturer's products, though the cause is not clear.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), July 29, 1999


Somebody hot link this? http://mats.gmd.de/~steffi/madcow/madcow.htm

-- Hannah (Hannah@Colonial America.com), July 29, 1999.

Aaaaaaaaargh !!!!

One poor Brit.

-- Chris (griffen@globalnet.co.uk), July 29, 1999.

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