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I see that two other people had the problem that I am having with the C++ compiler installation.(maybe it's Windows 98 - I'm guessing) It says - bad command or bad file name etc. The last message is from Chris is saying that he got his compiler working "beautifully". I need to know how he did this. I would recommend that you include your solution to the messages that are posted by customers - that way I wouldn't have to be e-mailing you and you could save time. N E wayz - thanks for your help - I am loving your book. I'm getting a lot out of it as well!

-- Auguste Toluta'u (, July 29, 1999


Possible path problems

Normally, I do respond on the bulletin board system so that other readers can read the answer. For some reason I didn't do that this time, but I have fixed that. In this particular case, the problem was that he did not have his path set correctly, so the operating system could not find the compiler. Of course, the same symptom can have different causes, but that is the most common cause.

-- Steve Heller (, July 29, 1999.

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