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Animals at the Zoo and marine creatures are compliant

-- Cherri (, July 29, 1999


Your sources must not be as good as mine. I've heard they are having a heluva time with the Y-to-K problem and the yaks. Changing the "y" to a "k" is no problem, childs play really. Even changing the "k" to a "y" is no great feat.

Enter the "systemic" problem. You now have "kay" instead of "yak" BUT THE Y-TO-K TROUBLE STILL HASN'T BEEN FIXED! This has sent many of the zoo caretakers into "endless processor loops" that threaten to "fry their embedded chips".

It is all being covered up by the powers that be of course. Denial that any y-to-k problems exist are everywhere in the PR spin machine.

-- aaa (a@a.a), July 29, 1999.

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