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Just got notice that I've got tix for the NDP preview in 2 days time (so please hurry with replies!!) Any suggestions from past experiences bout taking NDP shots? Like whether flash is needed? Tripod? I have a Nikon FM2 w/ a 28-200 aspherical lens, and a 50mm f1.8 lens. Should I also use color slides or negatives? And finally, what ASA is recommended?

Of course, other suggestions and ideas are very much welcome!!

Chen Munn

-- Tham Chen Munn (, July 29, 1999



I'm curently shooting for the NDP. Being down there on the field, the bottom right when facing the stage for sometime already. Some of my pics are in the NDP preview booklet inside the funpack.

200mm wouldn't give you tight shot of the field, but your wide angle serves fine during day and night time. Tripod is a MUST for the nite shot during the Soka light up display. Film wise... is not a problem, you see, 200 or 400 is alright. Night shots, can get around less than a sec. My boss shot from the up there, uses 1/30 with a ASA200! Try to aim at the crowds when the lights goes off, they will be swinging their touches, exp with more than a sec, very nice! Fireworks..... any speed from 1 to 4 sec, @ f/11 or f/16. But must try shooting before a burst.

Try got to my homepage on the 5th Aug to view pictures I took.

-- Lee Kong Leng (, July 30, 1999.

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