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For Newbies, DWGI, DGI, or people that are simply burned-out on Y2K. Maybe you think that you've been misled by doomers. Think again.

Mr. Hyatt's Comments

Talk IS cheap.....and deadly....

-- PJC (, July 28, 1999


Send to all in an inconclusive stupor. I know, nearly everyone you know.

-- PJC (, July 28, 1999.

I read Mr. Hyatt's essay and he is right on the mark. This is an example of how easily we as a people are decieved by the media and government. When people realise how they have been manipulated and lied to, that will be the end of the government's credibility and therefore any authority they may have short of raw force. I, for one DO NOT think that is a good thing!

-- Forrest Covington (, July 28, 1999.

A truly great article.



-- Michael Taylor (, July 28, 1999.

I agree - great article, I've already passed it on.

-- Dan G (, July 28, 1999.

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