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One of the tools I have found to be very powerful, at the suggestion of James Boyk, is omitting the recording step and simply dancing while carrying the score and singing the melody. The dancing holds the tempo steady but not metronomic, providing a stable framework for the rhythm of the melody line. Singing makes you shape the phrases and BREATHE. You can even do this one under your breath walking down the halls at work or school!

I have only tried this with music I am already familiar with, but can only imagine it would be more effective with new material unconnected to bad habits.

If you've tried this and have comments or just have questions please post!

-Nathan Dalleska

-- Nathan Dalleska (, July 28, 1999


Thanks for your post on this simple, powerful technique. Happy to have focus returned to the music and the learning process rather than the equipment.

-- James Boyk (, July 28, 1999.

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