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Does anybody know of any program which will convert PAL mpg files to NTSC files. I am using CD creator Deluxe 3.5c which identifies my asian VCDs as PAL format but it will not allow me to change the format to NTSC and burn new VCD. Any help to achieve this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

James S.

-- James Savarin (, July 28, 1999


You need to re-encode the movie with a Encoder. BTW, any VCD player will play any VCD disc in any system, NTSC or PAL, so i can't understand why you wanna do it.

-- a.bazan (, July 31, 1999.

I have philips DVD/VCD player which won't play the VCDs I bought in asia. They are in PAL format (according to Easy CD creator Deluxe 3.5c). I have no trouble playing the VCDs I bought in US. I am trying to convert the PAL VCDs to NTSC VCDs. That's why I am looking for some good, reasonably priced programs (Xing Mpeg Decoder is too expensive 249.00 US). Thanks

James Savarin

-- James Savarin (, August 02, 1999.

James , I am having a similar question but I want to convert from NTSC to PAL because even though VCD players recognise the format the output is in the same format like PAL VCD will give a PAL output. So if i have to use a NTSC VCD in asia to watch on PAL TV then I have convert it to a PAL VCD. Am I right? If you have found any other ways to convert PAL to NTSC or vice versa please respond.

Thanks in advance. Vivek

-- Vivek (, August 17, 2000.

I got the Same Problem , i have the OLYMPUS Eye-Trek ( ) and it's connected to a Panasonic P-10 Portable Dvd Player , now i bought the 1st version of it that supports Only NTSC , now , i want to burn some Mpeg Video Clips (*.mpg) , and i got a few ... after i'm buring it , some of them in the eye trek are shown with black and white ... :-/ , i took a look on the format and i saw that some of them are Pal , now , i found a program that shold work for me , it called DvMpeg , it have some applicaion call Mpeg Fixer , and it should do exacly what i Need , but the problem is that IT's Not Doing It ! i sent the DvMpeg Support a letter that describe what happen , but i got no answer until now , and it's been a while , so , Please , if you got any IDEA , Mail me . thanks .

-- Zukerman Moran (, January 04, 2001.

A program called tmpgenc will do the job and I think its free.

-- henri (, February 11, 2002.

Most hardware encoders worth anything will do PAL to NTSC and back. Sonic encoders do it:

NeoDVD does it with software at DV Format Converter is the best at nverter.asp

All this skips the VTR deck requirement if your are already NLE looking to convert digital clips or movies.

-- Steve Ray (, November 27, 2002.

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