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The recipes in the Bakepacker's Companion cookbook were developed/collected by Jean Spangenberg, co-proprietor of Adventure Foods. They're meant for backpaking/camping use in a gadget called the Bakepacker but can easily be converted to regular or Dutch oven cooking. Using the Bakepacker requires placing the food in a roasting bag before putting in the gadget; for other use, you would simply use the Dutch oven and adjust the cooking time (because some foods cook twice as fast in a Bakepacker, about $16, Below are a few examples.

Sam Spangenberg's Bauern Fruhstick, 4 servings

2/3 cup powdered whole egg

2 tbs butter powder

2 tbs dehydrated chopped onion

1 precooked freeze-dried hash brown patty (or 1 cup frozen hash brown potatoes)

1 cup shredded freeze-dried cheddar cheese

2 tbs chopped freeze-dried bell pepper

2 pieces cooked bacon (3 tbs bacon bits)

1/16 tsp black pepper

1-1/2 cups water

Combine all ingreidents in oven roasting bag. Shake bag to blend, or squeeze bottom of bag to blend. Place bag in Standard Bakepacker. Fold top of bag down loosely. Cover. Bake/boil for 15 mins. Serve.

[I think you could do the above in a skillet or Dutch oven on medium heat. Time? Just keep tasting till the freeze-dried veggies are cooked to your satisfaction.]

Easy Shepherd's Pie, 4 servings

3/4 cup freeze-dried lean ground beef [or TVP - OG]

1/4 cup dehydrated onion flakes

1/4 tsp salt

1/8 tsp black pepper

1 cup dry, instant mashed potatoes

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese [or FD equiv. - OG]

1-1/2 cups water

1 cup beef broth prepared from cube

1/2 cup instant nonfat milk

1/4 cup butter [or equiv. powdered butter - OG]

1/4 cup tomato ketchup [or equiv. tomato powder or paste - OG]

To one cup boiling water, add dry beef and a broth cube. Set aside. In an oven roasting bag, add 1 cup dry instant potatoes, salt, pepper, butter, powdered milk, and 1-1/2 cups water. Squeeze bottom of bag to mix thoroughly. Place bag of potatoes in the Bakepacker, and using your hands on the outside of the bag, press the potatoes evenly around the Stanadard Bakepacker grid. Empty ground beef and broth evenly over the potatoes. Distribute ketchup over the beef, then sprinkle cheese over the top. Bake/boil for 15 mins.

[I would mix up the mashed potatoes, place the rest of the ingredients except the cheese in a casserole (or Dutch oven), spread the potatoes on top, sprinkle with cheese, and bake at medium heat until cheese is bubbly. Before I became a vegetarian, I used Knorr Oxtail Soup to make gravy--yummy!]

That's it, my fingers are tired from typing. You want more, get the book. It's a treasure-trove of all meals, plus snacks, breads and desserts and there's loads of valuable info in the appendices:

Minerals supplied by foods, Dietary guidelines and goals, Recommended dietary allowances (RDAs), Intakes, Requirements for healthy persons, Recommended energy (calorie) intake, Reconstitution of freeze-dried foods and ingredients, How to check for complete rehydration, Wet and dry weights, Fresh ingredient replacements, Nutritional composition of dried foods, vegetables and fruits, Common cooking measurements, Table of equivalent substitutions, Weight and quantity guide of common foods, Thickening agents, Resources, Glossary. Cost around $12 or so.

I honestly do not have any connection with adfoods except as a VERY satisfied customer! If you have difficulty accessing their site, e-mail Sam or Jean for catalogue:

-- Old Git (, July 28, 1999


Old Git - Thanks for the reminder about Someone indicated a week or so ago that they carried cream cheese powder. That is the secret ingredient in my alltime favorite comfort food combo (really greasy, salty p-chips and clam/cream cheese dip). That and Helga's camp recipes have added an air of excitement to eating next year.

I'm especially excited about the possibilities of canned 'possum!. I'm on a roll to complete my XMAS shopping before Thanksgiving (actually by Labor Day - yeah sure). My practical, Y2K gifts of oil lamps and battery lanterns and 5-gallon collapsible water bags that I have already acquired won't be well received by my (DGI) friends, so I need something additional, with extra pizzazz. In my yuppie suburban New England enclave, I can't imagine a more shockworthy gift than 'possum! Better yet, if folks show up for a free meal after the rollover, I can announce that they are welcome, but today's menu is 'possum. With the dog (tape) yapping in the background, that should be enough to discourage at least a few of them. (I may be small, but I am clearly nuts - better o try the next house, eh?)

-- Brooks (, July 28, 1999.

If you promise to quit talking about dead animals, I'll type another recipe here. Okay, thanks! (We have a neat possum who comes every night for a handout--he eats slugs too; handy little devil.]

Beef and Potato Stroganoff

1 packet potatoes au gratin

2-1/2 oz cured dried beef [or TVP - OG]

1 tbs freeze-dried chives or leek

3 dried shiitake mushrooms or 1/4 cup dehydrated regular mushrooms

1/8 tsp garlic powder

1 cup instant nonfat dry milk

1-1/2 tbs flour

2-1/2 cups water

Note: dried broccoli florets are another good variation instead of the beef. Use 1 cup broccoli to replace the beef.

Combine all dry ingredients in a roasting bag. Shake to blend. Add 2-1/2 cups water to the bag of mix, holding the top of the bag tightly closed, shake bag again to blend. Place in Standard Bakepacker and bake/boil for 12-15 mins. Serves 4.

[I should think you could do this in a casserole dish in the oven--or in a Dutch oven or covered skillet.]

-- Old Git (, July 28, 1999.

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