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From the Electronic Telegraph:

ISSUE 1524 Wednesday 28 July 1999

Wine lovers warned of bogus 'Bolly', By Matt Born

THOUSANDS of bottles of fake champagne are being sold to people stocking up for the Millennium celebrations.

Conmen have taken magnums of sparkling perry - fermented pear juice - and relabelled them as "Millennium Bollinger" champagne. The counterfeit champagne is being sold for £35 [approx. $48] and more, compared with almost £50 [approx. $75] for a magnum of genuine Bollinger. The original bottles of perry, meanwhile, cost £2.99. [approx. $4.50]

Trading Standards officers investigating the fraud said the problem appeared to be concentrated in the Midlands and the North. John Boodle, technical inspector of the Wine Standards Board, said that as well as targeting wine bars and pubs, the conmen seemed to have obtained wine club membership lists.

Antony Mallaby, chairman of Mentzendorff and Co, which has held an exclusive licence to import Bollinger since 1858, said: "Bollinger have not, and will not be, producing a Millennium cuvee." Wine traders said customers could spot a counterfeit as the bottles had almost flat bottoms. Bottles of genuine champagne have a deep indent at the base to place the thumb when pouring.

-- Old Git (, July 28, 1999


Coincidentally, my 19 year old asked if I was going to stock up on wine in case decent stuff becomes unavailable to us in the vulgar Northeast. Hmmm. Never thought of that. Anyone have any ideas on getting something good fairly inexpensively and how/when?

-- BigDog (, July 28, 1999.

We are purchasing wine in gallon bottles (I prefer "Paisano"; spouse prefers Chablis) from reputable vintners. We rotate it through our normal consumption. I do suggest that you store in a cool location and that you check our a brand/vintage before buying a LOT of it.

-- Mad Monk (, July 28, 1999.

In addition to its gustatorial and celebratorial appeal, champagne is now destined to become a collector's item. After beans and rice ad nauseum, there will be a real market for the bubly as barter item, methinks... if not, medrinks.

-- Sara Nealy (, July 30, 1999.

I've been thinking about getting a keg of hard cider. Like wine, the stuff is still drinkable if it gets flat or warm before you drink it all (well, warm won't be a problem in December). If TSHTF, I can use the empty keg and tap for water. If its a BITR and I have to take the keg & tap back in a few days, I can empty whatever's left into some of those soda bottles I've saved.

-- biker (, July 30, 1999.

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