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I would like to know if the PlayStation Movie Card can be installed onto every model of the PlayStation. My PSX is either the latest model, I think. It's a SCPH-9002A or in short a 900x model, which has no paralell port. Do you need that paralell port to connect the movie card to the PSX? I need to know.

-- Kelvin Lam (, July 28, 1999


Yes, you do need the parallel port. You'll need an older playstation.

-- Don (, July 28, 1999.

Sorry, but you are out of luck, there is a device coming out in Singapore sometime next month that allows the PS to play VCDs but it requires soldering ie. the machine would need to be worked on, similar to adding a mod chip.

-- Sethsolo (, July 29, 1999.

You will need a parrallel port. There are certain web sites that have a parrallel port that u can get for the 900x playstation series.

-- Paul (, January 23, 2001.

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