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Sorry for misleading ya. I meant 60 fields per second (30 interlaced frames per second). I don't think the Broadway Pro does that. I think the Miro DC30pro does this at 720x480 NTSC. This is hella resolution and requires an AV drive with a SCSI connection. But, useless when it comes to buring VCDs because it's well above the VCD 2.0 whitebook std.

The Broadway Pro is an excellent and relatively cheap MPEG1 capture board. It's good for saving time encoding from AVIs to MPEG1s because they does it with hardware during capture. This saves time, but there are no evidence that MPEG1s encoded from software Xing is worse, It just takes a while longer.

My point is: Get the Broadway if you could afford it and it's actually cheap for an Mpeg1 encoder card, but many avi capture cards could acheive the same or better results; it just takes much longer.

-- (, July 27, 1999

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