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Has anyone updated information on what I've read previously on a couple of Y2K websites (maybe here?) about the mailing of the Red Cross Y2K Prep brochure to all households in America? I read that it would happen in July, and so informed my church's leaders...but to date have had nothing nor heard anything further. Thanks!

-- Elaine Seavey (, July 26, 1999


Nothing like that has shown up in our mailbox -- (suburb of Atlanta).

-- Tom Carey (, July 27, 1999.

This concept was kicked around but no one wanted to own it, and no one wanted to finance it, so.......


-- Chuck, a night driver (, July 27, 1999.

It is my understanding that the Red Cross brochures are free and readily available by phoning your local Red Cross. I received 250 copies of four Red Cross and Disaster Preparedness brochures for me to distribute at church and in community. I did have to pick them at local RC office.

The Disaster Preparedness brochure (for floods, tornados, winter storm, hurricane etc.) advocates 2 weeks of non-perishable preps while the Y2K brochure advocates 1 week of preps. Director of Emergency Preparedness said "1 week would be enough but he would not argue against 2 weeks." I asked him why, if Y2K can be fixed in less than 1 week; why don't we all just fix on failure since it is so easy. He just stared at me... I have another mtg with Red Cross on August 4.

-- Bill P (, July 27, 1999.

Bill, thanks for the info. Will pass it along to my pastor today. We will need to get them to distribute. Too bad they are only advocating one week, though. I fear that this will delude our parishioners into complacency, since one usually thinks of the Red Cross as the advocate of societal safety. It is odd, as you point out, that they advocate two weeks for other natural disasters, but one for this probable one.

-- Elaine Seavey (, July 27, 1999.


I was going to paraphrase something I read on the net, but I was able to find the website and will reference the link and the statment here:

quote- "In fact, the American Red Cross expects you to be dependent upon them during potential Y2K related disturbances. An American Red Cross web page states that they are "sticking to their (Y2K) recommendation" of Americans needing only prepare for 3 to 5 days because their "experience has shown that through countless disasters it takes the American people 3 to 5 days to find their way to an American Red Cross shelter or find other assistance". Please notice that the one-week recommendation for personal preparedness is not based upon the Y2K problem being a one-week problem. It is based upon the travel time required for you and your family to become "cyber-refugees"."

-end quote

link: Author: J.C. Cunningham

Perhaps you could attach a copy of the web page (in whole or part; copyright issues??) or the quote onto the red cross brochure... I don't know, it might come across as counterproductive. Perhaps just simply the one sentence-- "The Red Cross maintains their 3-5 day (1 week?) preparation recommendation because their "experience has shown that through countless disasters it takes the American people 3 to 5 days to find their way to an American Red Cross shelter or find other assistance.""

I don't know, just a thought. Take care,

-- winter wondering (, July 27, 1999.

Thanks for the info! Will do tonight at home pc. You folks out there are such good helps to us all. Much appreciated.

-- Elaine Seavey (, July 27, 1999.

Y2K: What You Should Know (American Red Cross)

Family Disaster Supplies Kit (American Red Cross)

Family Disaster Supplies Kit (FEMA)

Emergency Food and Water Supplies (FEMA)

-- Linkmeister (, July 27, 1999.

A snip from "Emergency Food and Water Supplies":


Emergency Food and Water Supplies

If an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm or other disaster ever strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water and electricity for days, or even weeks. By taking a little time now to store emergency food and water supplies, you can provide for your entire family.

This brochure was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Community and Family Preparedness Programs which provides information to help families prepare for all types of disasters.


-- Linkmeister (, July 27, 1999.

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