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I am trying to print to an hp650c plotter set to color cmyk and the copy output is black and white. What's up with this? (postershop 4.0)

-- Anonymous, July 26, 1999


There are several reasons why you might be getting Black and White output. The first is: Make sure the "Color" setting is selected on the front panel of the printer. It is a separate button. The second reason why you might be getting Black and White output is: There are about 3 firmware upgrades to the HP 650C printer. The first version of firmware for the printer was not designed to be used with modern day CMYK output methods and used an indexed color method for color output. ONYX does not support the "A" ROM firmware for the HP 650C. We support the "B" ROM firmware and higher. Check with your HP representative and upgrade to the latest firmware ROM. Unfortunately, this may cost money and is not just a downloaded file to the printer (It is a hardware upgrade).

-- Anonymous, July 26, 1999

check the postscript? distiller acrobat check ....check..

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2000

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