FD55/1.2 S.S.C. AL

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Does anyone here have had or seen above lens? I hope to know its cosmetic difference between FD55/1.2 S.S.C. ASPHERICAL. Does it has 'S.S.C. AL' engrave in front ring?

Thanks, Tanaka

-- Toshiyuki Tanaka (psh@tnt-technology.com), July 26, 1999


The canon camera museum has a list of lenses produced: http://www.canon.co.jp/camera-museum/lens/index.html It shows there are 3 variations of the f1.2 aspheric with their introduction dates.


-- Duane K. (dkucheran@creo.com), July 28, 1999.

Thanks for your comment.

Of course, I know about Canon museum. So I wonder how we can isolate 55/1.2 SSC AL from 55/1.2 SSC ASPHERICAL. It is easy to isolate 55/1.2 AL. I have an aspherical lens which might be SSC AL. Green circle auto mark. But not sure. Its front ring says 'ASPHERICAL' not 'AL', just same as SSC ASPHERICAL. So I hope to know if SSC AL lens has a ring envraved as 'ASPHERICAL' not 'AL'.

Thanks, Tanaka

-- Toshiyuki Tanaka (psh@tnt-technology.com), July 28, 1999.

Canon says that AL stands for Aspherical. Three versions 55/1.2 AL original lens with chrome front 1971 55/1.2 SSC AL SSC version, 1973 55/1.2 SSC Aspherical 1975, same specs as 1973 lens

-- adam g. lang (aglang@hotmail.com), March 21, 2002.

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