What kind of driver was that?

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I recently sepent a couple of weeks in Los Angeles and naturally spent a lot of time driving on freeways. I've always categorized bad drivers into two groups, idiots and morons. Idiots drive way too fast for the situation, they are the ones that race by you like you're standing still. Morons drive too slowly, they are the ones that get in your way and screw things up. Do you have names for these drivers?

-- Anonymous, July 26, 1999


For me, theres only two kinds of drivers in the world: me and a**holes. I figure I'll save myself time and effort, instead of spouting off insults and curse words, they're all a**holes. I don't think that anyone, besides myself, can drive. I've found that here in Austin, people can't drive unless there's no weather. If it drizzles, everyone stops on the freeway and freaks out, "OH GOD IT'S RAIN WHAT DO I DO?!?! AAACK!!". Or, they have a nasty habit of getting on the upper deck of I-35 and going about 45mph, pick it up! For some really odd reason, I-35 ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS gets packed near the Riverside and Cesar Chavez exits on the weekend, I don't know why. After that area, traffic picks up and moves along. I think most people just freak out 'cause there's OTHER PEOPLE driving on the road. I lived in Southern California for the majority of my life, I really never had too many complaints about the traffic (although, rush hour L.A. traffic is NASTAY!), but most Austinites are complete morons when it comes to driving. I tend to think it's all the dumb UT kids driving brand new SUVs they can't handle that cause all traffic problems.

-- Anonymous, July 26, 1999

Unfortunately, most of my names for other drivers are a little too bold to put here in their entirety- I wouldn't want to offend Pamie's delicate sensitivities. Of course, I can say that most of them begin with f*** followed by any random word or syllable. A stream of such verbal constructs can be heard billowing from my car on any rainy day in Austin, as what Diandra has said is 100% accurate.

-- Anonymous, July 27, 1999

Pamie you can delete this one...I picked a boring category to try to re-set my cookie so I could reset my e-mail address.

-- Anonymous, December 20, 1999

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