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I was going to add a response to Rob's thread on what preps to save for last, but I thought this might be worthy of it's own...

One of the preps that we're saving for last (but not LEAST!) is the MAGIC. For us that means the magic of Father Christmas and the Jul Tomten. See, when my daughter was just getting old enough to notice things like Christmas, I became a single mom, and stereotypically broke. I knew that she would eventually be old enough to see differences in the amount of gifts showered on kids at Christmas, and I didn't want her to think for a minute that "Santa" judged her to be less deserving than other children. I told her that "Santa" brings each child one special gift, just for them, and that all the other piles of toys and stuff were from parents, etc.

It worked out really, really well. Every year, "Santa" has left a special gift for her beneath the tree, at first homemade stuffed dolls, one year a music box, more lately china dolls. She easily understood that Mommy could not afford tons of toys like most of the kids she knew, and she was thrilled to be let in on the "secret" about Santa only bringing one of the gifts in the piles under the other trees. It was also a lot easier for her to see through to the Divine meaning of the holiday, I think.

Anyway, my point is that we will be shopping for a few special presents to have on hand, some for her (enough to cover a couple of years, just in case!) and a few for the other little ones that may be here with us. I'm sure it seems frivolous to some of you, but we think it will be VERY important to keep the holidays as close to "normal" as possible, even if there's nothing else about life that is like it used to be. Not just for the sake of the kids, but for our sakes too. Continuity of the routines and traditions will keep us sane, you think? Just because the rest of the world has gone blooey, the things that endure should endure, right?

Sorry to ramble so, but what do you folks think? Have you thought about holidays and birthdays after Y2K at all?

Got birthday candles? Pinatas? Candles for the menorrah? Got the ingredients to make that traditional plum pudding, etc.?

Is there anyone else who thinks this kind of stuff is important?

-- Arewyn (, July 26, 1999


Hi Arewyn!

Totally agree with you on this subject. The emotional and psycological stress will be very difficult for us all, especially small children. Most of our families birthdays arrive during the first 3 months of next year, I,m picking up presents now in case stuff isn't available at that time. Also doing all my christmas shopping now, don't look forward to fighting this year's christmas shopping madness!

Take care!

-- Ex-Marine (Digging, July 26, 1999.

Lazrus Long said (in either Time Enough For Love or The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, I can't remember which): Budget the luxuries first.

That's always a good idea.

-- walt (, July 26, 1999.

This is a wonderful idea. Why not include a few other special things to give at other special times, like birthdays or just because?

For each of my kids when they were growing up I start a "collection" for them so they would have something precious and special for them. One daughter it was glass & porcelein eggs, for another child it was Ertl John Deere tractors, etc. None of these things cost much, but it is something they could carry into adulthood as special keepsakes. They didn't get these every year, but when they did they were special.

-- Beckie (, July 26, 1999.

Arewyn, I loved your post. Great idea! And you can all help me decide something that's been bothering me for a month now.

My daughters birthday is December 31. Hehehe It's funny now that I think of it. She'll be seven this year. Usually we threw her a party the weekend after New Years, so as not to interfere with all her friends family's Holiday plans. THIS year,..what the heck am I going to do???? It will have to be early in December..I guess, but she isn't too fond of that idea. I would just hate to set it for January and have her be disappointed at the results, but if the electric stays on, I could see a party going off without a hitch that first weekend. (before dominoes start falling?) PLaying it by ear at the moment....first birthday of the new millenium would sure be a neat thing for a little girl to invite her friends to.

-- kritter (, July 26, 1999.

One of our little ones will be 6 on Jan. 8. I have been stocking up on toys whenever I see them on sale. I have stockpiled cake mixes, frosting in the can and birthday candles. I can bake a cake in our Coleman oven. Since ice cream will melt here in Ca., I thought we could use instant pudding instead.

I am stocking up on canned hams, yams and cranberries for holidays also.

It is a good idea to have extra toys,puzzles, games and arts & craft things put away. Next year bring them out one at a time so as to break up the monotany.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (, July 26, 1999.

Kritter, my daughter's birthday is on the 25th of November, so it's often right before, on or after Thanksgiving. I have always had a party for her on the Saturday BEFORE the holiday, for the same reason as you, to avoid plan interference.

Last year, however, she insisted on having the party on the Saturday FOLLOWING

-- Arewyn (, July 27, 1999.

Kritter, my daughter's birthday is on the 25th of November, so it's often right before, on or after Thanksgiving. I have always had a party for her on the Saturday BEFORE the holiday, for the same reason as you, to avoid plan interference.

Last year, however, she insisted on having the party on the Saturday FOLLOWING Thanksgiving. What a disaster. Only one guest showed up, even though I'd had many yes RSVPs. I have never seen anything so sad or pathetic as that party. Still makes me want to cry.

Anyway, could you manage two parties? A birthday before (gifts, cake, candles) and a special Millennium party after? Maybe you could ask the kids to bring an item for a time capsule or something. If you have a polaroid or digital camera, you could take pictures of the kids to go in the capsule. Give them each paper & crayons to write about or draw pictures of their favorite things, etc.

Even if there's no lights, could some of the kids attend? Assuming that things don't go bad before the turn of the clock, the first few days of January should still feel like an adventure to most people...

Good luck!

-- Arewyn (, July 27, 1999.

I like the idea of rationing out luxuries, toys, gifts, comfort foods and other amenities during hard times.

Each special treat anticipated with delight will produce genuine appreciation and thankfulness.

Hope the little ones don't break open the secret stashes and spoil the surprises.

-- Randolph (, July 27, 1999.

OH MY GOD, that has got to be THE best idea for a party! Each child bring something for the time capsule, and take their pictures, and let them bury it in the yard. LOVE IT. STEALING IT! :) I think we've decided on Wednesday the 29th to avoid any unpleasant surprises (so long as things hold together till then)

I also went shopping today and loaded up a layaway with toys and gifts. It was fun!! Great ideas!! I bought some just add water boxed cake mixes too, I'm hoping I can figure out a way to cook it come 00. We're relying on a fireplace and outdoor grill here. Thanks again, Kritter

-- kritter (, July 27, 1999.

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