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Hi there, Marpers.... that the Ratio criteria for the leaderboard has been succesfully applied, I'm here with a new proposal.... You will say..." oohhh nooo...yet another leaderboard...." ;-)))

Well .... actually is not just another tricky way to build up a new standing (take the score, sum the clones, make %, subtract (1-n)!, divide for all the players, give 0,5% bonus, times (n/m), and so on... ;-))).

Is a very simple way (for Chris, also, who will have to code) to record every Marper best total scores every time he achieve his own best.

I'll make a very simple example: German Krol today has 1711 (10-3-1 system) - 21280 (% system), and he's 1st. In 6 months maybe he won't be playing anymore for a bounch of reasons, and his scores beated by everybody (won't be so easy, anyway... ;-). He's gonna disappear the leaderboard in a few weeks, or months, while nobody could even reach the same scoring (the more we are, the more difficult is). Well....I think he worth to be mentioned in a special leaderboard as the nr. 1 of any time. This of course will be valid for everybody (a sort of Guinness Book).

I hope the most of you will appreceate this idea, so that Chris will be more encouraged to code for that. If not, take that just as a contribution to make Marp better (IMHO). Of course, any other suggestion is welcomed.

Let me know your opinion. Thanx Tony

-- Cicca (, July 26, 1999

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