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when i print off the internet the right margin is not being printed? i have a 888 iMac and i have a Epson 800 pluged stright into my iMac with a Epson UBS abapter. when i print off the internet it cuts off the right margin so i can't read it. i do not know how to fix this problem. i called apple suport they said to call epson, epson said the internet (all web sites) sets the margins. is there anyway to fix my printing pr

-- david weinberg (, July 25, 1999


Answer to your printing problem

If you go to File, Page Setup, you can change the size of the output from 100% to maybe 90%. This way you should be able to print to whole width of the web page. Also make sure that your paper size is set to LETTER and not A4 or something else.

-- webmaster (, July 25, 1999.

Another possibility is to check out the print dialogue screen and see if you can select an option "shrink to fit." The Epson 740i has this feature, which solves the problem that you describ

-- Michael Berney (, August 07, 1999.

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