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Has anyone had any experience with laboring moms who have been sexually abused? I would like to find some information out on what to do or not to do and more. Thanks, Denice

-- Denice Jentlie (, July 24, 1999


Hi Denice, Its been a while since we talked. good question. Moms with a history of abuse tend to get to 9 centimeters and stop. It will be your job to talk her into allowing her baby to be birthed vaginally. Abused Moms tend to need more in your face support and need to hear over and over that they CAN push the baby out. If you know her story, before she goes into labor, try and get her to talk it out before hand. Tell her she has a beautiful body, designed to do nothing but birth her baby and let her know that it is OK for the baby to come thru her vagina. Being blunt but always in a kind and loving way you'll be able to talk her past 9 cm. and into having a beautiful natural birth. Good luck Susan

-- Susan Tapley (, August 09, 1999.

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