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Can I get the new wave aid ratings on these routes. also any gear info, and clean aid ratings. i would like both clean aid and nailing ratings to compare.

Lurking Fear Aquarian Wall The Shield Muir Wall Mescalito Tangerine Trip Zodiac Skull Queen

Thanks for your help and Happy climbing/aiding Ben

-- Ben (Benbuilds@aol.com), July 24, 1999



Whose new wave ratings do you mean? Everybody seems to have a slightly different definition of new wave ratings. If you want really compressed new wave ratings, i.e., pushed far down by hardmen, then check out Russ Walling's (Fish Products) version on the Fish Products website. I think he rates the West Face of Leaning Tower as A0, which anyone who has done this wall would beg to differ with. Also check out Truan's Yosemite Big Wall Page where you posted this. Most of the given ratings are new wave. The ratings in the Yosemite Big Wall Guidebook are mostly "old" wave.

-- Mark A. Fletcher (mfletche@turnerdesigns.com), August 06, 1999.

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