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This is a common problem as you know. You send original transparencies to a photobuyer for consideration, the house scan or dublicate the transparencies, and send back your originals without payment. After that the editor can use your work for no one cent, as its impossible to control all the publications worlwide, or if the editor crop the picture and select part of picture, or change the picture with any computer program, maby yourself you cannot recognise your own work!! Is it a type of slave or another method to protect my work? I mean, if the customer destroy the slave, must pay. Please answer...

-- George Diamantopoulos (, July 24, 1999


Assuming this is 4x5 try sending it in the Printfile Style No. 45-4HB POL pages. These pages have 4 slightly over sized pockets that allow you to keep the original transparency in the standard protective sleeve to which you attach two labels. One is a caption/filing info label and the other is a notice of copyright ()1999, George Diamantopoulos/All Rights Reserved/ your phone #). Seal the pocket containing the sleeved transparency with two more labels-- one with your copyright & contact info and the second states your policy about automatically charging research fees in case the seal is broken or tanpered with it.

This won't stop all thieves, but like most theft prevention devices ait will make stealing your image a hassle.

-- Ellis Vener (, July 24, 1999.

If you know that your images are being used without your consent, then you should sue the people who are using them. I suggest that you contact your local ASMP chapter for further information and for a referral to a lawyer.

By the way, this does work.

In the future, ask other phtographers for information about potential buyers before making submissions. You can try ASMP photographers, and you can post a question on the Photo District News Bulletin Board ( the Stock Photo Bulletin Board ( Yet another alternative is to market your images through an agency.

Best of luck, Bruce

-- Bruce M. Herman (, July 25, 1999.

George, I received your direct email. Sorry, I didn't realize that you live in Greece. I assumed that you live in the US.

I have several friends who market their photographs through agencies in Europe, and who have complained that copyright violations in Europe tend to be more common than in the US, and that few of the agencies seem to do anything about it.

I'm not familiar with the European legal systems, and don't know what's required to mount a successful suit against someone who illegally uses your images. But I do know that if you can't take legal action, there is little that you can do. People can and will scan anything. I once published some of my images in Direct Stock, a photography catalog for individual photographers. One advertising agency contacted me about using one of the images. After we successfully negotiated the price, I asked how he would like to have the transparency shipped. He told me not to bother - he would scan the image from the catalog. I was stunned. But at least I received the payment.

Does Greece have it's own equivalent of ASMP?


-- Bruce M. Herman (, July 28, 1999.

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