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I discovered that there are town meetings in the Baltimore/DC/Virginia area this coming week. They have not been well publicized. I found out about one in my mother's area by accident. I've already discovered 6 or 7 nearby. Some have small notices in the newspaper. Others are listed on the Fairfax County website.

What's going on? Why haven't the Y2K community groups been notified? Could it be that they want to have a nice, quite, respectful, "information meeting"?

Is there one in your county? Do some digging. What's going on in your neck of the woods?

-- Sally Strackbein (, July 24, 1999


Absoloute BSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBS. We had a town meeting her in MN last Wed. with Koskinin, and the MAYOR of the capital city, St. Paul.

It was broadcast on NPR and local access cable, it probably reached 20 people between the two(exaggerating).

It is the epitamy of irresponsibility on the networks part to have declined, for whatever reason, to cover this. When y2k sinks in, BLAME THE NETWORK NEWS STATIONS for causing the last minute panic, they just missed their chance to educate the whole state.

-- CygnusXI (, July 24, 1999.

I live in Massachusetts and have been wondering how to find out where, when or IF there are any meetings in my area. My town has a web page, but like everything else it doesn't tell you anything except 'don't worry, we're working on it - or it's fixed".

Any suggestions?

-- flb (, July 24, 1999.

I'm in a small town, so can't relate to you big city folks anymore, but my husband bumped into a Y2K meeting a few weeks ago when he tried to go to the movies. There was no movie that night because they were having a Y2K meeting (one theater with one screen in town). So I dashed down to the meeting and joined the "crowd" of MAYBE 15 people. It had not been well publicised at all. Is it maybe a CYA thingy. The can show "due diligence" because they have TRIED to keep the public informed. Not their fault if no one comes, right? They told the 6 people who showed up that they should have enough to cover a 2 - 3 day snowstorm, so they can cross of their "to do" list.

___ Inform citizens that they should make prudent preparations.

Done. Next?

___Pass bills to make sure we are not held liable for whatever happens.

[order may be reversed]

-- Linda (, July 24, 1999.

Look, we've been here before. This spring while there was still some interest in y2k various local y2k groups helped put on info meetings. What we succeeded in doing is using all our organizing talents to have a bunch of flunkies come tell everyone that hey, no problemo!

Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot!

Spare yourself the lies of these so-called community meetings.

-- seraphima (, July 24, 1999.

In my "neck of the woods", the sign advertising the "Year 2000 Town Meeting" is in front of the police station. It is one of those metal blue signs such as is used to notify travelers of food/lodging. I was surprised by the quality of the sign. It is mounted on a "tri- pod", with a sand-bag weighing-down the tri-pod.

More creative readers can have fun commenting on the sand-bag. I'm not joking about the sand-bag being there.

-- Anonymous99 (, July 25, 1999.

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