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This question is listed under safety category. Our house is presently all electric. We have standard smoke alarms in different locations. We are about to add some propane appliances - cook stove, water heater(on the wall type) and I have a"ventless" propane room heater. I know there are gas alarms that will go off when there is a natural gas leak and people who have natural gas heat,etc use them. Do I use the same alarm for propane??? Seems like I read something recently or heard something about some types of gas alarms being recalled. Anyone know? Any recommendations?? TIA!!

-- jeanne (, July 24, 1999



You need a First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector for any kind of gas you will be using - type of gas or fuel doesn't matter, as its purpose is to detect the odorless carbon monoxide that can kill you. They cost about $28. in Wal Mart with battery pack included, and last a long time. I can testify that mine worked very well when it needed to once.

-- Scat (, July 24, 1999.

jeanne; I used to be an RV tech, and I would like to explain propane fumes or unseen lp gas. the fuel stays at abut 10 inches from the floor. If there is a leak and you don't smell it, you'll feel coldness on your feet, but by that time it might be too late. Any animals that sleep on the floor will be deceased. There is a fragrance that is put into lp gas so people will notice the leak smell. Look into an Rv dealer for propane lp leak detecters, place them along the baseboard of your house,because lp gas is heaver than air. I'm sure that home centers have lp gas detecters but see if they will work off batteries if your power goes out.

Stay safe, Furie...

-- Furie (, July 25, 1999.

Thanks Furie! I will be off to the local RV dealer this week - even before my propane things are installed!!!

-- jeanne (, July 25, 1999.

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