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I am an aspiring intermediate photographer who until recently thought that films were all the saim apart from differing ISO speeds.

I now know differently and would like to experiment with all types, both reversals and negatives.

To start of though I would like to try as many negative films as possible and would appreciate any advice. In particular, which shop in Singapore offers great choices for films?

-- Benjamin Yap (, July 23, 1999


Cathay Photo at Marina Square have a good range

-- Peter Walker (, July 24, 1999.


Do you have any recommendations?

What do you prefer for prints?

-- Benjamin Yap (, July 24, 1999.

Depends on what kind of pictures you like to take. Kodak film usually gives you slightly warm hues. Fuji gives you strong greens and blues, which may not be the best for people photography. For consumer grade C-41 film, try Fuji superia or Kodak royal gold 100. Slide film : Fuji velvia, which is rated at ISO50 gives you vivid, saturated colours. Fuji Astia (ISO100) gives you natural colours and realistic skin tones. Fuji Provia (ISO100) gives you bright vivid colours. You might also want to try out Kodak's E100S and E100VS slide film. They are all available at Cathay Photo at Peninsula Plaza. Velvia costs $11.40, and the others are around $9.

-- Sriram (, August 05, 1999.

Thanks for your tips. Have bought a few to try.

Bought both Reala100 and Potra160VC. Both seem render true colours though I suspect the Reala may be a bit more saturated.

Will be trying my Velvia soon. Have heard so much about it.

-- Benjamin Yap (, August 06, 1999.

RGB is now having a promotion on Kodak VS slide film. Price for 135 is $8.80 and processing is only $2.20 w/o mount. While stocks last. The shop is at Winsland II somewhere near Com Centre.

Rgds, David

-- Loh Wai Khong (, August 20, 1999.

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