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"It allows you to tell what's going on inside a building without actually having to look through a window or be inside the room."

Time Domain said it would like to begin selling units this year. Raytheon wants to have its products on the market by the beginning of next year. [Raytheon is a huge military-industrial complex manufacturer]

-- OR (orwelliator@biosys.net), July 23, 1999


If you interpret the theme of the Novel "Unintended Consequences", by John Ross, broadly, you'll see one possible solution. (Search for "Unintended Consequences" on http://www.amazon.com or http:/www.loompanics.com)

-- A (A@AisA.com), July 23, 1999.

You know that the pigs will not confine the usage of this and related technologies to seek out real criminals (violators of other people), but to seek out all kinds of "enemies of the state" -- people head to crotch with each other, people ingesting prohibited substances ("sniffer" technology), people "hoarding" the new funny money currency, people with suspiciously shaped metal objects in their dwellings, etc. The pigs already are doing continual flyovers with various types of monitoring equipment. They'll just cruise down all the streets with equipment.

Do you know that the pigs can park out in front of your place, and capture at this very moment exactly what is on your computer monitor?

Look up (search for) stuff on "privacy" on the internet (e.g. www.nestmann.com, www.sovereignsociety.com, and many others).

-- A (A@AisA.com), July 23, 1999.

bold off.

-- A (A@AisA.com), July 23, 1999.


That is why Good let us invent the flatpanel display. There is NO residiual radiation from a flatpanel display ( thats why its use in high security areas is preferred) and it is easy to prevent the computer and cable from transmitting data. Guess what I am using?

-- Rickjohn (rickjohn1@yahoo.com), July 23, 1999.

Good thing all my walls are lined with lead. Costs more, but shucks, it's worth it!

-- clark kent (the@daily.planet), July 23, 1999.

" The wicked flee when no one is pursuing them, but the righteous are bold as a lion " from Proverbs. Hey, lighten up, remember when that military jet crashed into the Rocky Mountains and they could'nt find it for a month? Oh, I thought they had satelites that could spy on you from space, etc. etc. etc...could'nt find their own jet with bombs on it buddy!

-- potent (potent308@hotmail.com), July 24, 1999.

How about the recovery of the bombs? As the crow flies, I'm located probably no further than 50 miles from them suckers, if he did not release them prior to the crash. Did anyone hear of their recovery? I surely didn't.

-- Glober (globe-ular@bigfoot.com), July 25, 1999.

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