Y2K issues in curriculum / instruction K-12

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The issue of living through what could be looked back upon as a truely impact-filled historical event without a strand of study within the curricula being delivered to students is very bothersome to me as an educator. Are there efforts to make this non-fortuitous event a part of the study of social sciences or technology studies that I am unaware of? We here in Hilsborough County Schools of Florida are interested in helping develop study units with the Y2K issue as a topic or as an interest "grabber."

-- Anonymous, July 23, 1999


Not an answer. but a broadening of the question.

Every person, every organization, institution, group will be impacted by Y2K - yet MOST of them have not considered this. Meetings of organizations, and their many journals and newsletter are void of any mention of Y2K and the consider impact. This is a denial phenomenon beyond conventional comprehension.

This should be an immediate area for study.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 1999

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