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Would you believe it's possible to do worse on this game than doing nothing? If you don't touch anything and just let the screen ease down you'll get 5 points (score 0=1, level 5=2, chains 0=1, max chain 0=1), but if you pull the screen down quickly you get 4 points (score 0=1, level 2=1, chains 0=1, max chains 0=1).

The sad part is it's possible to get 4 points in a real game - I've done it at least 3 times. What happened each time is I tried setting up a complicated opening chain and didn't get it started before it hit bottom. With no chains, and dying on level 4, the blown play only scores 4 :(


-- Aquatarkus (, July 23, 1999


You know, I have only been able to play the game in earnest for only a week or so, and I still haven't got all the damn quirks of the game worked out. I need help seriously, only PB is 41. How do you rack up the big points in this game?

-- Chris Parsley (, July 23, 1999.

I don't really know how to play well but i'm imagining it's a lot like chess where you have to think ahead of what moves will happen when coins are exchanged dissapear to move levels down and intersect with other like coins. I haven't figured out any strategy other than try to stay alive as long as you can with out using the magic coins and then having kept the like magic coins at the bottom level when the screen is full, douse the magic coins and hope you get a big chain :)

I suspect there is some strategy in trying to keep larger valued coins at the top and smaller valued coins at the bottom but since the screen moves down it's impossible to do that. I hope i can at least break 40 someday.

I like this game a lot but what i don't like about it is that i do better NOT playing my favorte character "everyworker". I got a 39 with that guy with the silver JAWS teeth says Begin in Japanese when you make one chain (like that's supposed to help me continue the chain :)

-- Chad (, July 25, 1999.


-- Kaidi Echitra (, April 16, 2001.

she's totally hot, i always fall for blue haired anime girls, bulma too, alas, I have to dream of impossible love. nerds rule, I wish I could play better with her character, i think i was able to get a 42 with her.

Kaidi: you are responding to messages two years old? BWHHAAAAHAAAAAAHAAHAHHAHAAAAAA! (sorry I had to repeat the question then burst out yelling sentiment)

-- Chad (, April 16, 2001.

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