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Practical Guide Offers Valuable Information to Protect Your Home and Family from Possible Computer System Glitches Due to the Y2K Bug

WESTPORT, Conn., July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- No one knows for certain just how, or even if, the Y2K bug will affect us, but most people admit to at least a small amount of trepidation when it comes to being prepared for the new millennium. DCC's LifeCare Digest On Preparing For The Year 2000 sorts through the conflicting information and doomsday scenarios to offer practical advice on how to protect both home and family against possible computer glitches in systems that may not be fully Y2K compliant by January 1st.

Experts agree that the Y2K bug is not likely to cause a cataclysmic event. But because the solution involves the time consuming reprogramming of complex computer chips and software, some businesses and government agencies may not be able to correct all of the glitches by the turn of the century. As a result, there may be short-term interruptions to systems and services that affect our daily lives, such as utilities, banking and finance, telecommunications, home electronics, transportation and health care.

The LifeCare Digest On Preparing For The Year 2000 offers important tips on what consumers can do to protect themselves from these potential breakdowns in services, including:

Advice for dealing with banks and financial institutions;Precautions for protecting credit, mortgages, and stocks;What to expect with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid payments (depending on the readiness of state and federal government systems);Information on the system safety of hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and medical equipment;Travel tips and safety advisories;Information on home appliances that may be affected, including home security systems, camcorders, pocket electronic organizers, VCRs, computers and monitored security systems;Emergency preparedness provisioning; andResources and Web sites for additional information on the Y2K bug.

``Y2K compliance is not just a concern for companies, but rather an issue we must all be prepared to address in our personal lives,'' said Peter Burki, CEO of DCC Inc. ``DCC compiled this digest to help individuals assess and protect themselves from potential Year 2000 risks. Awareness is the key to preparedness, and while the turn of the century will not signal the end of the world, people need to recognize that there may be some issues and they may need to take action to minimize the effects.''

The LifeCare Digest on Preparing For the Year 2000 is available through DCC's public Web site,, as well as through LifeCare Net., the company's private site for DCC clients. Companies wishing to receive copies of the digest to distribute to employees should call their DCC account manager, or 800-873-4636.

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-- Sysman (, July 23, 1999

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