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The Saab transmission is considered by some to be the 'weak' link in the Vintage Saab train. I personally run standard 30wt oil, or automatic transmission fluid in mine. If you have an opinion, t--please contribute!

-- Dennis O'Connor (, July 23, 1999


I just purchased 2 Sonetts-- both been sitting for years and need restoration. I intend to use synthetic lube in the gear boxes. 5 yrs ago I bought an S-10 p/u that would not shift w/o double clutching. Thought I needed new synchros-- but I put in Amsoil synthetic gear oil and the trans began shifting like new! It was great. I added another 50,000 miles to it before I sold it. I am sold on synthetic gear oil. I run it in my wife's 900s as well.

-- tim rauscher (, January 31, 2001.

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