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To all;

Today I was at ORIENTATION for the two college freshmen from this house thatwill venture out into the world this fall. The speaker was the IT Porvost for the University. The question from (not me) was "How has the University Prepared for Y2K" And the answer was "We are Y2K Compliant, Y2K will not effect this University" I Know I live in the valley of Silicon, but this was a very firm statement! NO PROBMEM IN YIIK.

This is scarry, one of us is reading the wrong newspaper.

YKK (read Y2K) is an issue that transends local IT preparadness.

Are we to believe that LOCAL YIIK IS FIXED = DO NOT WORRY?

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking....... This is not an easy problem

-- helium (, July 23, 1999


So if the University was Y2K compliant, why was the question even asked? To those students being addressed, I would have asked: "How do you Propose to Protect Yourself From Getting the Aid's Virus."

-- notsodumb (, July 23, 1999.

dumbdumbdumb yep, dumb you are toaster struedel.

I knew y2k, y2k was a freind if mine! You "dumbandummer", are no y2k.

-- Mike (, July 23, 1999.

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