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-- rick (I', July 22, 1999


Yeah, I was there last night. (Sorry, Cygnus, I arrived 10 minutes before the show; couldn't find the damn place). I didn't get to ask any questions during the show (MinnesotaSmith and Roleigh Martin did, though), but a couple things I asked Koskin'em on nukes AFTER the main event had him smiling at me through CLENCHED TEETH.

Ya gotta love it when that happens...

-- Dennis (, July 22, 1999.

Read in that bit that the K man was going to meet with Gov. Ventura. Boy... wish I could have pics of him giving the K man a body slam. Wishful thinking I guess.....

-- (cannot-say@this.time), July 22, 1999.

No prob. Dennis. What got to me was, they gave you card's to write question's on and said that they would come around and collect them. Well, they did. Then they gave them to Gary Ikden(sp)(the moderator), and he pocketed them. Later Gary said, "Well, since this is radio, I guess we'll let the audience ask their question's directly.". That kinda steamed me.

I also found it funny when Koskinim told the poor sap of a audience questioneer, "If you have question's about a specific company's compliance and they tell you, "Yes, we're ready!", look them right in the eye and tell them to tell you what exactally have they done.".

I felt like saying to him. Oh REALLY Mr. Koskinim, then why is it the banking industry is EXEMPT from public reporting of compliance and/or specific's on their state of readiness?????? Hmmmmmmmm.

-- CygnusXI (, July 22, 1999.

Aside from the GAO reports, which "local" areas are going to have problems?

If he would bother to try to be specific, then no one would be complacent, everyone would have a chance to prepare WELL in advance, and there would be no panic.


"All politics is local." -- Tip O'Neill.

-- nothere nothere (, July 22, 1999.

Good point nothere,

I caught that too, when he said that nationally we're in goo shape, there will be no major problems. In the same breath he said that locally there could be blackout's, failure of gov. service's, etc.

Well, if these "local" failures are going on at all or many local's...wouldn't that compound into a "national" problem/failure/disaster?!?

-- CygnusXI (, July 22, 1999.

If you dig deep enough at the FEMA site, you can discover their definition of "localized": no more than ONE STATE in an area, or something like that....

Kinda makes ya think, don't it?

-- Dennis (, July 22, 1999.

Since the failures will be local, only those who live in local areas need to be concerned.

-- Steve Heller (, July 22, 1999.

"...nationally we're in goo shape..."

That's kinda scary too! [:-)

-- Bilbo (, July 23, 1999.

Hey - thanks for the tip. I'm heading for a non-local area first thing in the morning.

-- Woodpile (, July 23, 1999.

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