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Hi, Unbelievable.. you've complete so many games.. try beating my Blood Bros score.. (without cheating on level 1-2 ofcourse!)


-- Bas de Reuver (, July 22, 1999


Thanks Bas! But there's a ton of games I'm horrible at. I've always been intrigued by trying to finish a game that looks impossible on one credit. First game I ever did it on in the arcade was Robocop... sure it's not that difficult a game, but it was a great thrill seeing how I was 9 or 10 years old :P

Nice job on the Blood Bros recording! I've got a lot of practicing to do if I want to beat that score though. :) It's a difficult game... some of those bosses are killer. Seems like you gotta do a lot more than just stockpile bombs (i.e. Cabal) to get through it.

Welcome to MARP!


-- BBH (, July 22, 1999.

Yeah, that's right, i've also been amazed at how some guys would complete a game at ease, while i would be dead at the end of the first round (or whatever). Now with emulators I can practice a game without losing my life-savings :^) A credit is usually one guilder here in Holland btw, I hear usa machines take $0,25 which is less than half a guilder... but anyway

Still, the machine they have now at my local arcade seem to be designed to suck the coins right out of your pocket. I mean those racing games in particular, is it just me or is it impossible to complete them with one credit...? and what about the shoot'em ups. I try them some times, like Raiden 2 and some others I forget the names. But they also have some games that i deem possible to complete, like Puzzle Bobble and Alligator Hunter (one of my favourites, can't wait to see that emulated). Got any hints on that last one..

-- Bas de Reuver (, July 23, 1999.

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