What's a "Champion"?

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Rachel wrote:
"did you define what 'championing' means in this context? please share it. I want to help, but need to understand what I'm saying yes too."
Good question. I'll take a shot at this, and then others might want to share their ideas.
To me, being a champion means that this is an area you're particularly passionate about, and that you are willing to atract and engage with others in developing a plan so that this area is properly included in the teach-in. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will be responsible for implementing the plan -- although you might choose to do that also, once you get into it.

Also, as a champion of a particular area or topic -- and by the way, please feel free to champion more than one area, and it's certainly possible to have multiple champions for an one topic -- you accept responsibility for reporting back to the larger group what your team is learning and what plans or ideas you are developing.
More to come...


-- Anonymous, July 22, 1999

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