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Hi, I tried to play back some .inp files of Metal Slug (i sure would like to see that.. all stages? amazing..) and ViewPoint and some others but I only get "work ram test" on screen... this seems to be a message from the Neo Geo operating system as it is the same font as the test menu.

I tried it with the newest Mame binary 0.36b1 althought the recordings were made with earlier versions... does this matter..??


-- Bas de Reuver (, July 22, 1999


It matters a lot. It's really best to use the exact same version that the recording was made with, although you can mostly (not always) get away with switching between windows and DOS versions so long as its the same beta.

I have lots of old versions of MAME (DOS only, though) here:

Old Versions.


-- Zwaxy (, July 22, 1999.

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