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Champion:Tom Osher

Topic: "Low-Tech Self-Sustainable Practices and Community Food Security"
I haven't received a confirmation of the e-mail, that I would like to champion low-tech self-sustainable practices and community food security. I have been working almost a year on this project; developing an ever-improving list of low-tech sustainable ideas, such that, one could, upon accessing the site, become relatively self-sustainable within 1-3 months. is patiently waiting for volunteer webdesigners to decide how to go about making the site "truly effective".

In addition am attempting to make my home in San Francisco a model of low-tech sustainability. Tomorrow, will be working on the fishfarm/greenhouse with other volunteers.

My background includes 10 years of working as a grassroots activist with SF Food Not Bombs, a group of volunteers that were arrested over 3000 times over an 8 year period just for serving free vegetarian food every night in front of City Hall and at the UN Plaza. We also have been active with Big Mountain, Nevada Peace Test, EarthFirst!, GreenPeace, Ward Valley, and many other grassroots struggles.

Kind Regards,
Tom Osher

-- Anonymous, July 22, 1999

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