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Champion: Jeanette Thomas
Y2k for Schools;
Youth and Children Volunteer Outreach (through schools)
Food/Gardening for Children (through schools)
The reason I have chosen these topics is covered in the background information provided below. This information will bring you up to date on my efforts on behalf of children.

Anyone who is interested in the welfare of children as a Y2K priority will enjoy the opportunity this network will provide to advance those interests to action in our schools across the country and the world. Let's help our children, protect our children and give them bright opportunities to participate in these important times ahead.

We created the organization Y2Kids in 1998 to help unite schools and children all over the world to prepare for Y2K and to use as a vehicle for education on issues related to global sustainability. Ultimately, teaching the connection between world health and world peace is our goal.

We agree with Dr. Douglas Carmichael, Ph.D., Shakespeare and Tao Consulting Company,and Seth Carmichael, the Youth Action Network,that schools are the vehicles for reaching the general population both for education on y2k issues and for use as y2k emergency shelters. Y2Kids is a Youth Action Network Organization.

Through our children, life continues on this planet. If we are not willing to focus our attention on protecting them, will life continue? Our goal is to bring the welfare of children to the center of Y2K preparedness activities. We promote the educational opportunities Y2K brings to us as a friend to be honored rather than an enemy to be feared.

Teaching children about alternative choices to create health and peace in all areas related to our daily survival as a human species is just one of the many aspects y2k offers to improve and advance living conditions on our planet.

Let's work together to leave our children a healthy and peaceful planet.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 1999

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