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I'm looking for people who are gonna attend the matches Ajax will play in the USA. I need from all three matches the "matchday-programmes". Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the matches, so if anyone can help me with these programmes, I would be very grateful. (with a programme I mean the magazine which informs people about the match) Of course I will pay for the expenses made. Thank you very much.

-- Gertjan Lahuis (, July 22, 1999


Gertjan, Unfortunately, there was no real programme from the N.E. Revolution- Ajax match last night. Just a single sheet thin cardboard information sheet. MLS teams give a free, generic FreeKick magazine, which is normally changed every four matches. Only the insert was handed out for the Revolution match.

You will likely have better luck for the Gotham Cup. However, the first round and finals will most likely be the same magazine.

-- Doug Chapman (, July 22, 1999.

Unfortunately, there was only a little more at the Gotham Cup. A folded-over, 4 page piece with the rosters of the 4 teams and a bit about the tournament. Highlights of 3 players from each side were included.

-- David Allan (, July 25, 1999.

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