OT?: Here is one of the reasons I don't want Y2k disruptions

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[snips from www.macosrumors.com]

  • The iBook is now at Apple.com. Available in tangerine and blueberry, it includes a 12.1" TFT display (800x600 and 640x480 resolution, millions of colors with ATI Rage Mobility/4MB SGRAM on a 2X AGP bus), a 300MHz G3 processor with 512k L2 cache, 6 hours of power on a single battery charge, an elegant translucent enclosure with no-latches functionality and ultra-tough plastics, built-in 56k modem and 10/100baseT Ethernet, built-in CD-ROM drive, 3.2GB hard disk, and an expansion port for adding AirPort 11Mbps wireless connectivity at up to 150 feet. 32MB of RAM is standard, and can be expanded to 160MB.
  • Yes, Virginia, the iBook does indeed have a carrying handle, mounted to the rear in a back-and-down swivel slot. It weighs approximately six pounds, and is 1.24 inches thick at its edges, about 2 inches at its center. It will be available in September, but orders can be placed now.
  • The iBook is, according to Apple, the second fastest portable computer you can buy....second only to the PowerBook G3!
  • The iBook will sell for $1599 retail; expect that to drop into the $1299 range by the next Macworld as a speed-bumped version ships late this year.
  • yes...I get excited about this stuff. Mike ===================================================================

    -- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), July 22, 1999


    Thanks to Diane, Gayla and Brian for teaching me enough about HTML to be a little dangerous : )



    -- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), July 22, 1999.

    Didn't you have many toys when you were a kid? [g] I like it. (needs a bigger hd)

    -- R. Wright (blaklodg@hotmail.com), July 22, 1999.

    I know...I was a little disappointed with the 3.2 but this is targeted as a "consumer portable" along the lines of the iMac. If I could, I'd go with the 450mhz Powerbook but *sigh*, all future purchases of technology are currently on hold because someone neglected to put a couple digits in their programming to account for what century we're in = )



    -- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), July 22, 1999.


    -- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), July 22, 1999.

    Suweet! Michael: Are you coding by hand, or using an authoring tool such as Dreamweaver/FrontPage? If you're going to be coding alot of pages, it saves alot of time. You can create the page in the authoring tool's GUI, switch to HTML view, then copy the code between the body tags into the answer box if you really want to go nuts with this :-)

    -- Tim (pixmo@pixelquest.com), July 22, 1999.


    Yep...that's what I'm doing. It's really very cool! For a guy who get's stuck working in print this kind of media could be really dangerous!

    A & L... cool drool from boomer doomers : )



    -- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), July 22, 1999.

    This is clearly the genesis of "TANGERINE DREAM"!!


    -- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), July 22, 1999.

    Those of us not in "developing nations" (3rd-world countries to us "old-timers"), we have much to lose if Y2K (or anything) causes a collapse. I really think that is why most people refuse to consider the possibility. For most, TEOTWAWKI = TEOTW.

    -- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous99.xxx), July 22, 1999.

    Hi Mike,

    I recently got a new G3 Powerbook, and I like using it a lot more than a desktop machine. Frankly, I prefer Basic Black to Tangerine. To me, the coolest thing about the iBook is, yes Michael, the carrying handle!

    -- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), July 22, 1999.

    Ah...800x600 12" display is old hat. Give me my ThinkPad 1024x768 14" any day...

    -- a (a@a.a), July 22, 1999.

    'Tis indeed a beautiful sight, Michael.


    Dream on! I've wanted a Mac laptop ever since the 128K Mac's were "unusable" (great as a yellow stickie holder) and I had to lug--around the country--the supposedly "portable" Compaq sewing machine. (Like a Kaypro but heavier) Talk about dreaming!



    -- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), July 22, 1999.

    The lust of the eyes is a terrible thing to waste! Gimme one! Right now! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!

    -- Procopious (whynot@zog.net), July 22, 1999.

    I LIKE it! And you did a good job! :-) Now we want to see a picture of your little boy! (the OTHER reason why you don't want Y2K disruptions!) LOL!

    -- Gayla (privacy@please.com), July 22, 1999.

    Well, I am still more excited about my recently acquired Dell Insprion 7000.

    Pentium II 366 MHZ,
    128 Megs of Ram
    14 GB HD,
    ATI Rage 8meg Video Gets me still 38 fps in forsaken at 800x600
    oh 15,? Inch Screen (equals a 17 inch monitor)
    4xDVD hardware decoded
    modem, networkcard
    3 1/2 hours REAL LIFE battery time (I couldn't believe it myself)

    Now I just need to get solar panels for this thing... So I can have all the info in the world on cd-rom and actually still use it...

    Playing Quake II, Close Combat III, Civilisation take on a whole new meaning while being played when the "other" power is out..

    Or maybe I can show some movies and entertain everyone while waiting for the power to come back on...

    -- STFrancis (STFrancis@heaven.com), July 22, 1999.


    What if I just send you a .jpg of my son? : )

    STFrancis, I know what you mean. Dell makes some really impressive machines!



    -- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), July 22, 1999.

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