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Live from Anarctica: Introduction
"This manual is designed for United States Antarctic Program (USAP) researchers, but contains important information for all USAP personnel who will be working in the Antarctic environment. This includes groups working close to McMurdo Station, as well as groups working in remote locations that require air transport.

"If you are new in the program, this manual will help prepare you for your experience. Read through it before packing and leaving for Antarctica, as you will find important information regarding clothing issue, extra equipment to take, planning and preparation time in McMurdo, and what to expect in the field. Not only will you be able to anticipate better what to expect upon your arrival, you will know what tasks need to be undertaken immediately, including scheduling your Field Safety Training."

This discussion covers the severe conditions experienced in Antarctica. It recommends more than most of us need, I'm sure. But it's worth reading for some general considerations about keeping warm in cold weather.

-- Tom Carey (, July 21, 1999


Thanks Tom!

Going to check it out!

-- Brian (, July 21, 1999.

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