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Saw Steve on TY last nite...the traveling everythings ok road show. TV tag ID'd him as "Y2K Activist". So Steve... what happened and how was your question answered? Can't believe they said everything's ok. :(

-- Frozen Toast (Brrrrr@Blizzard.snow), July 21, 1999


My town hall meeting observations.

-- Steve (, July 21, 1999.

Steve, the nightly news showed someone wading up to her waist in water from your recent floods. Is there any understanding that Y2K is simply one more reason to prepare for emergencies, and is your area coping with these floods? Are the floods giving a preview of y2K conditions, in anyone's estimation? Best of luck, and thanks for sharing your notes on the meeting.

-- Brooks (, July 21, 1999.

While some public officials are recommending preparations, many panelists at the town hall meeting stated that they are not making any special preparations. One panelist did state that he wouldn't be going out to eat, but rather staying home and buying lobster and wine. Most of the other panelists laughed rather loudly at that...

Most people are still clueless, and the flooding hasn't been linked to the need for preps in any way that I've seen by the local media.

-- Steve (, July 22, 1999.

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