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Tina Jay: Would you please define who the poor are exactly? I made $50,000 last year and Michael Jordan made $30 million, I consider myself a have not under those terms. And are you saying that Michael Jordan is screwing the country because he is rich? If it wasn't for corporate America, there wouldn't be any tax dollars and none of us would have a frickin job. How come socialism never worked in Russia, Cuba or Somalia? Many immigrants are coming into this country fleeing their socialistic governments only to come here and expect a handout because that's how they were brought up. Too many Republicans think the way you do. I'm all for a third party, maybe they can stop the redistribution of the wealth mentality before the socialist liberals destroy the whole system. Keep your guns clean people.

-- rasty (, July 21, 1999


"I'm all for a third party, maybe they can stop the redistribution of the wealth mentality before the socialist liberals destroy the whole system. "

It is expected that the next President will appoint 3 judges to the Supreme Court. Skipping losers like GW Bush, and going 3 party could give the Democrats the appointments. This has tremendous long-term implications - few of which are good.

I don't like the Democrats since they were taken over by socialists, communists and queers, but Republican "moderates" really aren't any better. It was, after all, the Republicans that gave us those nasty "multinational corporations". Still, it is risky to move to a 3rd party.

No easy choices.

-- Anonymous99 (, July 21, 1999.

What's with this third party talk? As it stands now, we have only one party.

-- A. Hambley (, July 21, 1999.

Gotta go with Hambley on this one. The Dems/Reps have plenty of disagreement, and they hype the significance of those to the hilt. Neither party represents me or is capable of representing me. I expect our political choices next year will widen dramatically unless things get even worse than I expect.

-- Gus (, July 21, 1999.

Gotta also go with Hambley and Gus on this one.

Note to Rasty: Do you really need to have the poor defined for you. Are you that unaware or self-absorbed that you can't find poor people on the reservations or in the Ozarks. Poor people can also be found in little rat holes in the middle of cities.

As for your damned example of sports figures, screw the freakin sports industry. I'm a big sports fan, but if they keep paying these clowns ridiculous amounts of money, I hope the entire industry crumbles from such stupidity. If you think I'm gonna shore out big bucks to attend football, baseball, hocky and basketball - forget it! And for some reason you can't grasp that these highly paid idiots are gonna cause the sports industry's eventual demise.

Self-absorbtion's a bitch ain't it. Get's you to the point where not only do you become myopic, but you can't see the forest for the trees.

Define the poor - Give me a break! Look out your goddamned window.

-- Y2Kaware (, July 21, 1999.

Hasn't the "poor" changed though? Isn't there now a "new poor", that exist only because of Government funding? It seems like the poor these days EXPECT to be taken care of, unlike the poor of past generations.

-- joes (, July 21, 1999.

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